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Mirai Nagasu Makes History As The First American Woman To Land A Triple Axel At The Olympics | TIME

Mirai Nagasu made history when she landed a triple axel, during her free skate for the figure skating team event at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, becoming the first American woman to do so at the Olympics.
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Mirai Nagasu Makes History As The First American Woman To Land A Triple Axel At The Olympics | TIME


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30 Thoughts to “Mirai Nagasu Makes History As The First American Woman To Land A Triple Axel At The Olympics | TIME”

  1. xorbodude

    She did that and didnt get gold?

  2. Ezzbra

    She’s Asian……

  3. A4R R4A

    Of course it’s gotta be an Asian woman.

  4. Sam K

    Okay, so stupid thumbnail, and it doesn’t even accually show her do it.

  5. Jon Baird

    God forbid you play the fucking clip, you worthless piece of shit.

  6. Arrivad Iriansyah

    mirai nagasu american? wait wait.. she looks like a japanes LOL

  7. Kelvin Xhafa

    Finally, ucl tonight

  8. Blaze 115

    Doesnt look american to me👀

  9. Stephanie Rodriquez

    Ugly skinny hag

  10. George W. Bush

    According to the Comment section “Americans” are only White people.

    And this is coming from a Caucasian male…

  11. George W. Bush

    A lot of people bashing her race…. smh

  12. amir katzman

    Trump be like…You stay the others go back to your own country..

  13. Timoleon Gjikopulli


  14. Judith Mendez

    this is why the olympics lost its meaning a long time ago… she is clearly japanese

  15. Pandamonium


  16. War Lock

    What would America be without immigrants?

  17. Michael lo

    3rd in history and she a got a bronze metal😐

  18. Mr. Sotack

    All everyone who clicked this worthlessness wanted to see was the video. Thanks for failing completely.

  19. justin080890ify

    I’m a high school student wanting to do youtube video animations everyone says I shouldnt but I don’t care please watch and like there’s also a giveaway if you subscribe

  20. theDsomething

    i’ve seen a few videos from time’s youtube channel in the past few days and they always have a lot of dislikes no matter the story. why?

  21. Michael Sweeney

    Job well done.

  22. Sarge Powell

    Look at my nice little Asian over there..wait am I trolling trump

  23. Cheesy Maccool

    I do shit like this everyday, I’m my country in order to live. You have to do 10 of these triple Axel jumps just get food or water. If you don’t! you die! Is sad but figured skating is no joke in some countries.

  24. Ilike Cheeseburger


  25. Carson Haulman

    Too bad she ugly as hell

  26. chana wang

    4th on trend? Its no big deal at all we have seen female skaters land triple axel before in the olympic or it is because she is an American so it become a thing now?

  27. Sport and Science


  28. Kenny Win

    Why does the thumbnail looks like she is taking the biggest shit of her life ?

  29. vladoportos

    You could have put some effort to the video, how on earth is this junk on #4 trending… youtube is really going down the drains 🙁

  30. natidaho

    And people say there are no such thing as sex differences

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