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What Are The Weirdest Unsolved Internet Mysteries?

What are the weirdest unsolved internet mysteries? Do you know what an internet black hole is? Is there internet that is deeper than the dark web?

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30 Thoughts to “What Are The Weirdest Unsolved Internet Mysteries?”

  1. The Damn Train

    Its easy to enter the dark web

  2. PersonaFan GT

    I’m having goosebumps

  3. Josh Russell

    #1. Why this crap keeps ending up on Trending.

  4. Aussie Pilot

    Draws MH370 as a B747 even though its a 777

  5. screen ipod

    How about Phantom Men? Not light UFO MIB. But Deeper MIB.  They attack porn industries & cartels. way powerful.

  6. Crispy Crystals

    The assassination of JFK was done by the U.S gov themselves. There were 4 rifles, but only 3 of them were fired. One missed and hit the concrete, one person was in the front, and the other was in a couple floors up in a building. After the attack, the assassins were also killed themselves. They had no idea that there were also gonna be killed.

  7. suraj raturi

    isro vs space x vs NASA plz

  8. suraj raturi

    who try the no

  9. Michael Williams

    The avalanche in the Himalayas.

  10. Swapna Sarma

    #7 on trending! Congrats!

  11. Jervis

    Yay #7 on Trending!

  12. Jacob Pratt

    YouTube had previously confirmed that they were behind the account…

  13. Herr Intelligenzbolzen

    Please more mysterious top lists

  14. Science Show

    Do a video on Baseball Vs Cricket.

  15. Mr Moosey

    Snuff films are real, my dad got invited to watch them on a daily basis as a kid

  16. L.E. Na

    LOL Yall realize that Satoshi nakamoto can be a japanese british person right? Like there are Japanese people who grew up in Britain and know it as their only home who would carry the ways of speech. Just a thought. I doubt it’s actually a guy who’s Japanese British though because that would be too easily traceable.

  17. Christian Lanning

    #7 on trending, nice

  18. BTS Lover For Life u

    yay your 7th on trending!

  19. Beaver Juice

    Number 15 burger king foot lettuce

  20. The Creeper King

    Unfavorable semicircle is currently viewable!

  21. Z.W.E

    Please don’t turn in to a top 10 Channel

  22. Uma Chan

    The “Dark Web” as a singular place doesn’t truly exist. What you have instead are multiple “Darknets” that aren’t connected to each other. These are private networks with encrypted stuff going on where you can download nasty things should they be available. You can also just download Hollywood movies and the like depending on which one you belong to. Many times you need an invite to join and for the harder stuff you need to provide a sample of what they’d be trading to see if you’re legit.

    This is completely different than the deep web which is just the part of the web that Google doesn’t reach and you can only access it using TOR.

    And the Marianas Web doesn’t exist.

  23. marodriguez2681

    Hi. My name is Mariana.

  24. Kuol Perveilov

    No. 15, Subway Big Foot Lettuce

  25. zer0

    There’s a difference between the Dark Web and the Deep Web. The Dark Web isn’t where drugs, guns and hired assassins are sold, that’s in the Deep Web. The Dark Web is simply websites you can’t use search engines (such as Google) to find it. The Deep Web requires an specialized browser (Tor) and that’s where illegal transactions can be made.
    *TL;DR – The Deep Web is what this video should have said instead of the Dark Web. They are different.*

  26. millenniumdragn

    The Dark Web is easy to access, just use tor. Marianas web doesn’t exist.

  27. Lionel Starmoon

    where is the Russians!?

  28. Regina Chu

    Yuh know, a Japanese person could be born in Britain, right? The name could be explained by the parents who named him god dammit people. The parents could be immigrant parents

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