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The Failing Couples Of Facebook

We are so sad, but our posts say otherwise.
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Our relationship is bad, but we are posting happy pictures anyway.

I am Gus Johnson. I make music, I put out bad skits. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.

Thanks for watching and sharing! Don’t stab people. I’ll see you later.


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30 Thoughts to “The Failing Couples Of Facebook”

  1. Gus Johnson

    is your relationship falling apart? don’t post about it on facebook – go to twitter. also follow me there. check that young description, playa.

  2. Steve Holmgren

    No God. No free will. The afterlife is an imagined realm of nonsense created by people like you and I. Live your life the way you want, just be kind to one another while you’re here.

  3. Plan D Family Vlogs

    When you rap so you don’t cry. 😢 😭

  4. Don Dressel

    Facebook the reason for 1/3 divorces today lol

  5. Fry Szopen

    I fucking love this guy

  6. snow flower

    smooooooth. and accurate.

  7. Truly OD

    I enjoy this more than I’d like to admit

  8. V Sen

    Yeah you nailed it, but, not her..


  9. Shoaib Sheikh

    Where is my jacket 😛

  10. Lisa Oldwithsomanywhys

    Ahahhaaa SO SADLY TRUE

  11. error6355

    banger alert

  12. Nicholas Saini

    Oh man, this is too great!!! I know way too many couples like this. 🤣

  13. Michael Reynolds

    i remember when we were promised a future where we didn’t have to see photos of our enemies!!!!

  14. Daniel Shih

    Oh no, Youtube spilled their Trending juice on you again!

  15. Holly Harrington

    Everything Gus makes can be explained by the fact that he’s from Menomonie

  16. Rubi_reads

    A deadpan lovelife.

  17. one upper

    So everyone on fakebook!

  18. Ninja

    5 on trending wtf

  19. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Why’s it always the dumb bitch that says shut up

  20. Tony Fernandes

    Damn. All your songs sing about relevant phenomenons in a funny way. Also, the flow of the raps are top notch. You do it so well you make it look easy.

  21. Floppy

    If I get 100 subscribers my mom will buy me a computer and a Xbox one

  22. hayden mcclure

    This dude’s lips

  23. Salad Fingers


  24. it's me

    The trending machine strikes again

  25. Johnny Avitia

    You’re wearing a jacket?

  26. The Silence

    …you”re trending again…

    I’m mean it’s awesome but how??? so many times???

  27. LanJ

    When you’re together but you’ve never felt so alone. Real shit.

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