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2018 Winter Olympics Recap Day 3 I Part 1 (Jamie Anderson/Adam Rippon) I NBC Sports

The team figure skating event dominated last night’s primetime coverage. Adam Rippon dazzled in his debut, while Mirai Nagasu made history. America finally got to see Chloe Kim take to the halfpipe. Jamie Anderson became the first female snowboarder to win two Olympic gold medals.

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30 Thoughts to “2018 Winter Olympics Recap Day 3 I Part 1 (Jamie Anderson/Adam Rippon) I NBC Sports”

  1. Ralph M

    Mirai Nagasu!!!! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. S.C Schaffner

    Show the run!!! That’s why people want to watch this not hear someone talk about what you wish you were seeing.

  3. Diego Huaman

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  9. Bb

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  10. Freddie Thompson

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  14. Anderson Chavez

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  16. Hey Now

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  22. Steve Shives King Cuck

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  23. OutlawStar K9

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  24. Steve Shives King Cuck

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