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North Korea’s ‘Army of Beauties’ | NYT

North Korea, like other nations, sent its best athletes to South Korea in the quest for Olympic gold. But it also dispatched a squad of 230 cheerleaders, sometimes referred to as Kim Jong-Un’s “army of beauties.”

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30 Thoughts to “North Korea’s ‘Army of Beauties’ | NYT”

  1. Joshua Crespo

    War propaganda by the USA to rage conflict w/North Korea. Do not trust the mainstream media. They want like Trump/Hillary to destroy North Korea.

  2. Cream of the Crop

    “Cheer leaders”

  3. Isabella M.

    They’re all beautiful in my opinion but it’s a bit creepy that they all look identical.

  4. Amanda Reeves

    they look starving and exhausted. sad

  5. Sprat-Lane

    What country doesn’t try to display their “beauties” to the world? As if Korea is the only nation that exploits women based on looks alone. Have we not forgotten about “Miss USA”, “Miss UNIVERSE”, “Miss America” and “HONEY BOO-BOO” (LOL…at the last one)

  6. sexy korean girl

    more pure looking than south korean girls

  7. Apatheism

    They’re all spies, assassins, policing their own team to make sure no defectors.

    Also propaganda to show the world that it isn’t so bad in NK.
    ‘Look! We have pretty women. Everything is great here!’

  8. Ben Stone

    Jokes on Kim they’re not hot

  9. Crypto Chan

    why is north korea able to participate in the olympics? LOLs.

  10. CrazyJack FTW

    They are ugly

  11. Krayola D

    So when the Olympics end…are they forced to go back or can they stay in South Korea?

  12. Jitters

    NYT: Omg Trump is so evil! He is pure hate!!! America is offensive to us

    NYT also: Oh hey Look at these cool stuff Kim Jung has in NK

  13. SnoopyDoo

    Kim Jung Un’s harem.

  14. when goshuujin-sama speaks to another maid

    People seem to forget that there are real people in North Korea too :/

  15. Hello Pussy

    I dont see “beauty”

  16. Thomas Louie

    i love how north korea bully their way into the olympics

  17. Justin Tran

    Can’t imagine being an athlete representing North Korea in the olympics. If North Korea sees themselves as the most dominant and superior country I could imagine an athlete literally being executed if they were to be placed last or don’t win medals for the country.

  18. Sy Ku

    So Trump sends his beauty pageant contestants as a response?

  19. TheMoonlight2887

    Copy and paste!! 😅

  20. Vinson

    They’re after the secret egg salad recipe.


    I’d tame her strange

  22. MikiKemo E

    I wanna bang a north korean babe

  23. Yovani, Leela Rodriguez

    They all look the same, two eyes, two ears, one nose and mouth.

  24. lizziie ;;

    This is creepy. They look like robots. Robots dolled up in pretty dresses.

  25. Kathleen Leydig

    Rocket Man’s getting laid before the games.

  26. AC 4643

    Yeah a bunch of anorexic girls

  27. Not Politically Correct

    Communist News praising commies…how typical.

  28. Mona

    Can’t wait to see them lose

  29. 58128231

    Wish GQ ran this piece or sports illustrated.

  30. A Doozer

    Wow, the hookers have arrived. WEAR CONDOMS. THEY ARE INFECTED!

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