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I Ran Naked Through The Streets of LA! | Shay Mitchell

Well, here it is guys. Thanks for 3 million on YouTube! Many more adventures to come… I PROMISE. xoxo – Shay

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30 Thoughts to “I Ran Naked Through The Streets of LA! | Shay Mitchell”

  1. Shay Mitchell

    I CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE ACTUALLY POSTING THIS. Sammy is crazy for holding me to this. What do you guys think… what should I do when we hit 4 million? Thanks for watching, love you guys. xoxo – Shay

  2. Harman Asylum

    Rey vs aj styles

  3. You Tuber

    *This is pathetic. American millennial want easy money instead working white/blue color jobs. This is exactly why corporations want more and more H1B visa foreign workers to work on STEM jobs.*

  4. Kenny 92

    the reason why this isn’t the same as a guy’s balls, is that nobody wants to see dangling balls flopping around lol …breasts on the other hand are a nice sight to behold haha (please don’t take this comment too seriously)

  5. Brian Florido

    That is so wild. Idk if I should appriciate or be a little disturb about it.

  6. RedGorilla •

    That is totally weird what our world got into

  7. C A

    If she breathes, she’s a THOTTT

  8. Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyewevwe Ugwemuvwem Ossas

    I have the uncensored video


    You put on mask to hide your identity,
    But now Millions of people know who you are and what you did.

  10. Muhamad Sam

    Ya wear that mask so nobody knows you… This channel 3M bruh

  11. fatma ahmed

    funny when her friend was getting bothered by the guy taking pictures when her friend literally did that for attention

  12. Quynh Le

    Props for keeping your word! 👍

  13. awad bazzari

    be gone thot

  14. TedTheZombie


  15. Joseph

    The smg is the best gun in fortnite, anyone agree?

  16. Sultan l Y l

    This generation 💀☠️😫

  17. Nick F

    “Empowered” Women are really sticking it to us men by running around showing us what we want to see, ouch you Really got us 😂

  18. I'm confused

    Why tf is this trending? If this was a smaller youtuber that needs the ad revenue it would ve demonitized instantly

  19. Tobias Lawrence

    Unchartered territories? It is Uncharted Territory?

  20. skreet mycty

    Pewd’s get removed yet this don’t?! smfh

  21. Alex Perez

    She said just wait to see what happens she she hits 10 mill. Porno?

  22. Tevita Kolikata

    Public indecency! You’re not even naked GG Lose hope Wp


    WTF are you doing

  24. Averizan

    From Logan Paul to this. I can see that YouTube is doing well with their “Trending” tab.

  25. Nur Iraa J

    HAHAHAH I LOVE THIS AND I LOVE YOU, ignore those negative comments girl. Congrats on hitting the big 3!!!!!!

  26. Jay B

    Female version of Logan Paul. Sad.

  27. Jax Brown

    That’s only half naked. Soo gotta 👎

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