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Freezing Acetone in Liquid Nitrogen

Today we’re finding out what happens if you put Acetone in Liquid Nitrogen!

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30 Thoughts to “Freezing Acetone in Liquid Nitrogen”

  1. Bob Billy

    They should get a 3d printer and make some cool stuff

  2. Tyee Davis

    Do something with Ash

  3. Joshua Uriarte

    You should freeze mercury.

  4. Neno Weno

    Can you melt dry ice in the solar scorcher?

  5. med sousane

    wow 👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Thomas Mathew

    Can you plz put molten metal on regular ice sheets

  7. Rhett Lundry

    if acetone completely eats away at Styrofoam, what would frozen acetone do to it? nothing, or would it still react?

  8. James Chance

    Tannerite soaked in liquid nitrogen !! Will it still explode when shot ?!?!?!?!

  9. Jack Harrison

    Can you put liquid nitrogen in dry ice

  10. Opposite Effect

    If you put orbezz in gasoline, would you be able to make SUPER MARIOR FIRE BALLS?!?

  11. Duckie Duckling

    Maybe you can put magma/Lava in liquid nitrogen?

  12. Dan's Buddha Bodega

    Aren’t you really burning the vapors? How can it mix with o2 if it’s frozen?

  13. Deadcat2k17 boys

    Put kerosene rope around the nozzle of a butane lighter fuel can (kerosene rope/fuse for firecrackers)

    See if lights off butane

  14. Dan's Buddha Bodega

    Do you still look at the comments? I’m just saying, if you can make all the great content, and can still read comment
    From average Joes. Btw- love ya. Maybe acetylene from calcium?

  15. Roy Games / Rick and Morty Updates!

    The song made me look at my steam messages

  16. GizzyGangster Gaming

    Acetone also melts Styrofoam

  17. Austin Reyes

    How about freezing methane and lighting it on fire

  18. Astro66 Willbourne

    What happens when you mix liquid nitrogen and dry ice.

  19. 2.5B views

    DJ Akademiks and tekashi69 somewhere cuddle up watching this together

  20. Lightning

    Background music is too loud and annoying.Can’t make it through watching the video..

  21. ken pie

    Can you make candy grear,s please

  22. J Lathem

    Suggestion: In a post apocalypse scenario using a gel type of fuel as opposed to say a wood file may be leas detectable and secure. How difficult would it be to make, use, and store the gel file?

  23. flying peanut

    Sorry but Who are you???

  24. kurt lindner

    Thank you for that super cooling trick at the end; I must have missed that video.

  25. DJMendoza12

    Anybody who has clash of clans join my clan MENDOZA SQUAD

  26. Septimus

    Gallium in liquid nitrogen?

  27. marvel mary

    Doucheist douche bags on utube…

  28. Νίκος Μαρίνος

    Hi nice video can you please try to reload primers with “Touch” Powder instead of Matches ?🤔

  29. Aaron Knudson

    Perfect for nap time on a Sunday afternoon…

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