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2018 Winter Olympics Recap Part 1 I Day 1 I NBC Sports

What you missed in PyeongChang last night: The torch is lit, action kicked off and Team USA’s Red Gerard put down one of the most creative and exciting runs of the day in snowboard slopestyle qualifying.

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30 Thoughts to “2018 Winter Olympics Recap Part 1 I Day 1 I NBC Sports”

  1. Roman Bellic

    Hey look another city going bankrupt because of some shitty games.

  2. DJMendoza12

    Anybody who has clash of clans join my clan MENDOZA SQUAD

  3. IP Freelee

    Thanks to ruining the Olympics NBC. This year is by far the worst coverage.

  4. Cristian Tasker

    This is awaome. Thank you necuse i dont have cable


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  6. Steve Perkins

    I have watched the Olympics proudly ever since I was a Young man. BUT, I will NEVER watch it again. Some homosexual had to make the Olympics into a political statement because it hates Trump. You freaking lost get over it. You sick freaks.

  7. Alie Grid

    whos gonna give a voice to the millions of puppies waiting to be abused and slaughtered and eaten by these savages

  8. MiLoHWD1983

    No one watches this shit

  9. Ryan M Cook

    link in the description orrrrr?

  10. VD


  11. Eric

    I love the Ulumpic Winter Games!

  12. turbo tony


  13. old worm

    So was Shawn white here ?

  14. Qbit Centril

    Curling! Go Canada….eh?

  15. marco mendex

    North Korea?

  16. The TJ's

    Alright FAMILY, we need your help.

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  17. Avery Lopez-Baines

    I’m really hoping for there to be a unified Korea soon, doesn’t matter if it’s under Juche or a democracy, as long as it’s united as one. It’s the last separation remnant of the Cold War and it sickens me to see people with the same language and culture separated as two countries. The Cold War was a big impact on my family. My grandmother left Cuba during the Revolution to escape from Fidel and moved to the US by boat to live the American dream. Some of my family members stayed behind on the island because they were farmers living in Camaguey and they thought socialism would benefit them. But they were wrong. Once Fidel took power, he forced farmers to give up their land to the government and if they refused, they were killed right on the spot. And that’s what happened. Sad. Family members that I never got to meet, since I was born way after they were killed, in the US in 2001. I’ve never visited Cuba but would really like to someday, hopefully soon. Anyway, because of my family’s history with communism (I’m also Russian), I really want to see a democratic Korea rather than a Jucheist Korea under the Kim regime.

  18. Avery Lopez-Baines

    Congrats medalists!!! I’m hoping for unified Korea to win women’s ice hockey and for North Korea to win gold in pair skating!!!

  19. Mar Z

    Terrible coverage. I feel so bad for all of us at US getting the worst Olympics experience.

  20. Avery Lopez-Baines

    Am I the only one that loves those North Korean cheerleaders?

  21. Sergey мелник

    Fuck all americana athletes bunch of fucking fagets

  22. Don Quixito

    Go team Poland…..hands out fense post……Poland for the gold

  23. Publius Cornelius Scipio

    Let’s go America. Show the world our Olympic Power!
    Go OAR too!

  24. Packers Digitals


  25. 동주

    Her pronunciation of Pyeongchang bothers me. The A is not ae but ah.

  26. Boims. C

    Hey I’m Boims in the U.S, I do cool videos. CHECK ME OUT YOO

  27. Gabriel Jimenez

    Where is Jim McKay screw NBC propaganda coverage.

  28. Zu Sh

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