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End Game – Behind The Scenes

Watch the official End Game music video:

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30 Thoughts to “End Game – Behind The Scenes”

  1. にゃんころもち


    テイラーとエド最高♪(´ε` )

  2. Kasey Nilmeier

    Ahh taytay u so qt

  3. Yasmin Çevik

    Very beautiful very lovely ❤❤❤😍😍😍

  4. Rabiya Masood

    Could they get any cuter 💞💞💞 Ahhh… My heart hurts.. Bless your beautiful souls! I love you guys so much 😍😍

  5. It'sAllDonuts

    This, I missed seeing this. Love you guys

  6. priyal kharwadkar

    she’s so cute

  7. Avetor UAC

    Aaa sun beam ♐ i see all)❤like)rly rly rly rly magic))ye(a)S do not always say: I’m mysterious)ahah cool flower & other> how many time she ask?)) Taylor you eyes say me all)”good idea interview” 50-50 i respect this!!! @0:59 you so cute player)) who do you think will win in scrabble,?for 20 seconds I hear 30.. words)new world record) ED – she did not listen to my accent>so ez) and me like “happy ediwochory”?> she drink coffe from the tubule> this is 0_0,???

  8. Veronique Ramirez

    Maybe TS is a white supremacist …I could have sworn there was a black dude who raps in this song, too, and has like the best part. Where’s he in the interview.

  9. Grzegorz

    jaka słodka misia 🙂

  10. NoneOf YourBusiness77

    She’s drunk as fuck in this

  11. Rabinowitz Shekelstein

    I would anally fuck Tay Sway in her loose, gaped, filthy, smelly asshole and go to town so hard that when I pull out her “pink sock” flops out.

  12. Ariana Mendez

    She looks like the person who made perfect

  13. dannielle innes

    Can’t wait to see you in new Zealand in October!!!!

  14. Hailey Grimmius

    If Taylor was talking about Joe and words with friends it makes the entire video and their entire relationship even better knowing that they play words with friends

  15. Jose Denki

    Are ed and Taylor a thing ?? I honestly don’t know

  16. Craig Jones

    Where’s future?

  17. Gr Solution Master

    So nice videos dier friend

  18. Hailey Grimmius

    I should send this video to everyone that has ever made fun of me for liking Taylor because this is the best video ever.

  19. Ashlyn Annoying

    1 like on my commet=tomorrow you will have the best day ever

    Comment on my comment=you will pretty lucky tomorrow

    Subscribe to me=you will find out your crush likes you

    Scroll= find a spider in your bed tonight

  20. I’m still here


  21. unknown mis

    Here before 400 k views and before 15 hours ago💕❤️ I love them both so so much

  22. Stuart and melody fun times

    PROUD TO BE A SWIFTIE💖💖 Love you Taylor💖💖

  23. m u t h i a

    Ted Sweeran💕💕

  24. Ryan Yue

    NF – Let you down.

  25. Pear paper youth

    Does anyone help me translate this very rigorously?

  26. Ryan Yue

    Sheeran Ed. Ed Sheeran’s hot.

  27. Ryan Yue

    Can you whisper?

  28. Ryan Yue

    Grow up be an adult for once in your life.

  29. Melissa Perez

    This is the cutest!

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